UST Global Launches True Private Cloud Platform 'UST FORTUNA'

Team SIUST Global, a leading digital transformation solutions company, today announced the launch of its True Private Cloud Platform, UST FORTUNA. UST FORTUNA delivers cloud services, including serverless computing, at very competitive prices and speed.

As Digital Transformations pick up pace, global enterprises want cost effective, flexible, private cloud models for their applications. Few private cloud operators offer solutions that are cost effective without lock-in to vendors and proprietary toolsets.
Also, application integration is often messy because of the lack of open APIs.

UST FORTUNA is built and designed to address the above customer challenges. Built entirely using open source components,
UST FORTUNA can be adopted by enterprises during any stage in their cloud journey, and can offer up to 70% cost savings on their cloud spend.
UST FORTUNA is being integrated with CyberProof®, UST Global's industry leading cyber security services, DevSecOps and Artificial Intelligence platforms to provide a fully secure platform to transform enterprises to truly Digital.
Key features of UST FORTUNA include:

Built with open source components, eliminating the lock-in problem
Has rich API interfaces to help integrate to existing tool ecosystems
Built-in auto-scaling capabilities
Built-in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities in driving self-sustaining cloud operations
In-depth security capabilities at all layers of the infrastructure with integrations to both open source and commercial security platforms
Has a high degree of fault tolerance for delivering near 100% availability of applications
Orchestrates bulk infrastructure onboarding, allowing application developers to provision complete environments easily
Is container-ready that helps developers test and deploy containerized cloud native applications faster than before.

Its application catalog services, with a host of 'ready to go' applications, can provision application environments with speed
Commenting on the launch, Arun Narayanan, Chief Operating Officer, UST Global, said, "We help our clients accelerate their digital transformation journey. We truly believe that UST FORTUNA will be a key component in this journey. We are excited to launch UST FORTUNA for our customers globally and to help them save significant cost on their cloud implementation."