Small business Ideas!

By Aparna RoyDo you want to start a business? Have you thought of an idea yet? Do you know the market and its conventions? There are hundreds of such questions that can overload your mind and its completely inevitable.
Thinking of becoming an entrepreneur is a touch and go matter. You need to have a definite plan, capital, know-how and above all courage. The fear of not thriving can hold you back from probing your hands in the business world.

However, if you still wish to take this Herculean task and start a business, you can begin with something small. This will make you familiar with the market structures. Small businesses require less investment, easy to start and involves a low risk of failure.

We bring a list of a few small business ideas for promising entrepreneurs:


Starting a blog can be one of the small businesses that you can initiate. All it requires is a laptop, internet connection and a little bit of your creativity. The best thing about blogging is that you are free to choose the topics for your blog as per your interest. Travelling, cooking, lifestyle, fashion, politics are some of the trending topics for blogs. If your blogs are interesting, you can be hired by companies who are looking for some creative heads. It can give you huge scopes of earnings if executed well.

2.Tiffin Service (Meal):

If there is any business that has never been out of the market, it is the food business. You need not open a restaurant at the very beginning but can start supplying tiffins in offices or schools. Start with a small number and select the type of food you want to prepare. If the quality is good, demand will definitely increase and eventually, you can expand the business.

3.Child care centres:

This is one of the best small business ideas for women of any age. With a little investment in getting a suitable space, basic necessities like diapers, cradles, toys etc one can easily start a day care. Its demand is also high in the market because of many working parents.

4.Online bakery:

If you have a great hand in baking and have all the types of equipment at home. Starting an online bakery business is not a bad idea at all. You can turn your artistry to an interesting and profitable business. The extra effort you will have to put is to promote your products and services. For this, you can take the help of social media and other platforms.

5.Handicrafts :

Used as gifts or decorative items the demand for handcrafted articles has increased in the market. You can make and at the same time sell these products. Or else you can be an intermediate that is you can buy these handicrafts and sell it in your own platform.

However, no business is big or small. It is your thoughts and executions that will accentuate the size of the ventures. But to put the first step in the business field you can try these and other such small business ideas.