Webtunix's AI Comes with Revolution in Health Industry (AIVaid)

Raman Arora, Head of Applied Machine Learning & Co-Founder, Webtunix Solutions An emerging technology company that provides machine learning and data science services to businesses using publically available data to the web.

Artificial Intelligence has the capability to revolutionize the human civilization. Artificial Intelligence is going to impact industries, organizations and the way of living. Artificial Intelligence has made a huge impact on health industry also. The ongoing research in artificial intelligent in the health industry has come up with the solution to many complex problems.

In this fast pacing world, people don’t have time for them selves. Bad eating habits, lack of sleep, and less physical activity has made them more prone to health issues. Sometimes due to our busy schedule, we don't have time to even visit the physician for a checkup. But delaying is not an option as the situation might get worse.

Ever wondered how awesome it would be if we could diagnose our health problem by our own? That too sitting at our home or work place. Also, we can generate a report of our diagnostics. This sounds pretty interesting.

At Webt unix AI, we have come up with this solution in the form of the application named www.AIVaid. com. AIVaid is an artificial intelligence based health diagnosis system.

AIVaid is based on Artificial Intelligence using Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques. First, let us understand these terms.

Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence is a broad term that deals with making machines capable of doing things that require human intelligence. As human intelligence has a very wide scope, so as artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence deals with making intelligent surveillance systems, robots, driverless cars etc.

Machine Learning: Machine Learning is a sub field of Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning applications Deal with training machines so that they can work without being explicitly programmed. It enables machines to learn from their past behavior.

Deep Learning: Deep learning, on the other hand, is a subset of machine learning. Deep Learning is based on the working of the human brain. Deep Learning uses the neural network to solve problems.

Features of AIVaid
The various features of AIVaid are:

• Free of Cost: AIVaid is absolutely free and you can get you medical diagnostic without paying a single penny. If you are low on the budget, you can easily consult AIVaid that too at any time of the day.

• Time Saving: AIVaid helps in saving your precious time that you have to spent in long queues if you opt for regular diagnosis with the medical practitioner. All you have to do is sit at your desktop and tell your symptoms. That’s it!

• Private and Secure: You don't have to worry about the privacy and security of your information. We respect your privacy and do not share your information or re¬ports to anyone.

• Chatbots: AIVaid has customer support service provided by chatbots. With these chatbots, you can interact and get solutions to your various queries.

• Generate instant Report: AIVaid enables you to generate a health report after your diagnosis and e-mail the report to your mail. You can share this report to your doctor or physician.
• Quality and Trust: We know how crucial medical sector is. Any mistake in the diagnosis of symptoms can result in error in the report. Keeping this in mind, AIVaid is build with the help of professional doctors and medical practitioners.

• 24x7 Availability: AIVaid doctors are available round the clock. You can get medical help at any time of the day.

Advantages of AIVaid
• Data Privacy
• Making appointments online
• 24/7 customer support
• Doctor Recommendations
• Chat/Video call
• Powered by Deep Learning and AI

"The ongoing research in artificial intelligent in the health industry has come up with the solution to many complex problems"

Challenges Faced in the making of AIVaid
1. Data Collection:
The first and foremost task was to collect a huge amount of data. As artificial intelligence and machine learning systems are based on huge amount of data, we have to collect data from different reliable sources.

Moreover, the data is initially in the unstructured format. This data is first to be converted into the structured format so as to as to make it understandable by machine learning algorithms.

2. Making it better and advanced than competitors:
There are many health diagnostic systems available in the market. So how we can make a product that can stand out from the crowd. After a lot of research work at Webtunix AI and hours of debate, we have come up with the problems and their solutions that are unique and make this product stand out from the crowd.

It is better than its competitors in following ways:
• It is powered by Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence
• It has voice recognition system.
• It can provide you an instant check-up
• It can generate health report after your complete diagnosis.
• On the basis of your report generated, it can recommend you, doctors and practitioners, nearby.
• It keeps your reports and information confidential.
• You can get Chat and Video Support
• It is built keeping in mind the ease of accessing by a Lehman user, so it is user-friendly.

3. Models
There are a number of models which are used in Machine Learning for building the algorithms.

The most appropriate model has to be chosen so as to get the accurate results. Also, different models have to be used for different symptoms. So choosing the best possible model was a challenge.

Solution to the problems
1. Data Collection
Data was collected from various big hospitals and doctors. This data includes thousands of patient records, their diseases, and symptoms etc. This data was available in unstructured form. So we preprocessed this data and converted into structured data.

2. Providing unique solutions
When it came to providing the unique solution, AIVaid comes with rich features than any other competitor is not providing. For example generating reports, recommending doctors, predicting disease etc.

A number of algorithms were available for the experimental purposes. To get the accurate results, hybrid algorithms were used.

Advancements and Upcoming features
In the next version of the application, at Webtunix AI, we are working on new advancements and features for the application. These features are:
• 3D Kidney Image Reconstruction: It creates a 3D image of the patient’s kidney that helps in diagnosis of problems like deformation, swelling etc.
• Diabetic Retinopathy: Webtunix AI is working on diabetic retinopathy also known as diabetic eye disease in which damage to the eye occurs mainly in diabetic patients.
• Differentiating spinal bone from other bones: The new feature will enable the doctors in differentiating spinal bones from other bones in the X-Ray.
• Converting Unstructured data into structured data: This feature helps in converting unstructured data collected from hospitals into structured data using Natural Language Processing.